Samantha's Success Story

Samantha, a hardworking single mom from Madison, fell on financial hard times after the death of her mother. That led to jail time for check fraud and ultimately left her and her daughter, Bella, without a place to call home. The generosity of family and friends helped keep the pair afloat, but it wasn’t a long-term solution. Samantha needed a stable job and a stable home—a place where Bella could focus on her schoolwork and the two of them could thrive.

Samantha looked to United Way’s partner agency, YWCA, for help finding her and Bella the stable housing they needed to keep moving in the right direction. After finding a place to call their own through YWCA’s Third Street Program, the pair finally felt comfortable and confident in their futures. Samantha could now focus on getting Bella ready for kindergarten, as well as finding a job for herself.

Now settled in their new home, Samantha turned to the Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP), one of United Way’s signature initiatives managed by partner agency RISE (formerly Center for Families and Community Partnerships), for help preparing her daughter for kindergarten. PCHP gave Bella crucial behavior and language skills while providing Samantha with key parenting skills and access to a support system of mothers in the area.

As Bella and Samantha flourished, the pair had finally hit their stride and grew more confident each day. The stability offered by United Way of Dane County inspired greater initiative in Samantha, who now enjoys a new career in Madison and proudly gives back to United Way. She’s determined to continue supporting the same community that helped her get back on her feet.

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